About Thecharityschool

The charity school provides quality education and daycare services. The charity school is budget school for everyone. We are building the children’s educational base and his future understanding with the help of visual effect and technology. We design lot of program activity to help child understand this new environment develop their learning abilities and skills in safe secure and visual fun environment without fear of (Covid 19.)

A pioneer in ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education), we are the growing preschool chain in India where, we try to reduce the burden of educational expenses because every child is future of the country. With an incredible network of more than 100+ centers in over different cities we are committed to initiate child development across the nation. Children in India, Thecharityschool.com are a brand name for those who is dreaming for their child future. Thecharityschool.com is a unique innovation running by “BAHUJANSAHYATA EDUCATION TRAINING AND INDUSTERIAL REASEARCH FOUNDATION “why this type of institution needed ??... to getting this answer we have seen near about residential area where lot of school seen but they are not care of a child future only they are doing money making educational business. There are lot of branded school, play school, daycare …………… So On they are charges highly fees and transportation charges, where a common people can not afford such fees and charges. “This is the only institution which refund the 25% of tuition fees to every child parents who is getting education in this institution after end of the year as a scholarship”