Well trained teachers assisted by a curriculum prepared by seasoned experts in pre-primary education.


Audiovisual content provided by ehtozed, our award-winning digital classroom solution.


Teaching aids and hands-on manipulatives to conduct activities for children.


A fun-filled corner with a wide number of activities to ensure the child’s overall development through a play-based approach.

All About


The charity school provides quality education and daycare services. The charity school is budget school for everyone. We are building the children’s educational base and his future understanding with the help of visual effect and technology. We design lot of program activity to help child understand this new environment develop their learning abilities and skills in safe secure and visual fun environment without fear of (Covid 19.)

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Our Classes

Our Activities

Art and Craft

Promotes creativity and imagination in children and enables them to express themselves through art.


A corner to provide budding coders with a hands-on experience of working with robots.


A unique space for children to come together and use their creativity to create, build and invent.

Fitness Games

Games to ensure good physical health including the best-in-class modern physical education along with nutrition guidance, weight loss and pain relief management.

Science behind Activities

Inspires the curious young minds to inquire, learn and analyze various concepts of science..

Book Reading, Public Speaking and Drama

Activities that promote a love for reading in young children and enhance communication skills.

Why choose us

A unique preschool for your little one, created with our decade-long experience in catering to the preschool curriculum in 5000+ preschools across India.


Trained teachers and a student to teacher ratio that guarantees personalised attention and care.


A safe, secure and hygienic learning environment with child-friendly furniture and props.


Prepares the child for the transition from home to formal education through a play-based learning approach.


Guarantees peace of mind to the parents, ensuring proper care for the timely development of their child.

Curriculum Philosophy

The curriculum follows an integrated approach towards learning to ensure balanced development of skills in five key areas

Linguistic: Listening, speaking, reading and writing (LSWR) skills

Cognitive: Thinking ability

Physical:Fine and gross motor skills

Social:Interpersonal and intrapersonal communication

Emotion: Recognition and regulation of emotions

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